Next to the well-known blocky pepper and ordinary pointed pepper, the sweet pointed pepper is purchased more often, both nationally and internationally. ‘Recent research by NielsenIQ states a 50% increase of the number of kilos of sweet pointed peppers that are being sold compared to 2018,’ says Mark van den Barg, Trade Marketeer at Growers United. But regardless of this increasing/rising percentage we remain ambitious and aim to market the pointed pepper more successfully.

Plenty of growth potential for the sweet pointed pepper
Both in the Netherlands and in Germany, the sweet pointed pepper is gaining in popularity. ‘Where NielsenIQ shows a 50% increase of the number of kilos of sweet pointed peppers being sold in Netherlands in the past four years, research by GfK states an increase of almost 40% in Germany,’ says Mark. ‘Great news but there is always room for improvement. In both countries, the percentage of households using the sweet pointed pepper is only 40%. In comparison; for the blocky pepper, this percentage is more than 80% and for the tomato more than 90%. These numbers show that the sweet pointed pepper has plenty of growth potential.’

Sweet pointed pepper often an impulse purchase
How can retailers stimulate the sales of sweet pointed peppers? ‘To answer this question, we should analyse the current consumer behaviour first. Numbers show that the sweet pointed pepper simply wasn’t top of mind for consumers in the Netherlands (40%) and Germany (30%). And when the sweet pointed pepper is being purchased, it often is an impulse purchase. 40% of the Dutch consumers indicate that they decide to purchase sweet pointed peppers in-store, while the blocky pepper appears on the shopping list of 80% of these consumers. In Germany, 50% of the consumers makes their decision in-store against 75% that has previously decided to purchase the blocky pepper.’

Adding value by improving the position of the sweet pointed pepper
How can we add more value? ‘For example, through improving the position of the sweet pointed pepper in the fruit and vegetable department in comparison to the well-known blocky pepper and ordinary pointed pepper,’ Mark says. ‘Based on taste, quality, and growth potential, this product deserves a distinctive position on the shelves. In comparison; in the tomatoes section, the prime position is reserved for tomatoes with an optimal taste and quality. These can be found at eyelevel, right above the ordinary tomatoes. Hence, it is crystal clear for shoppers where they can find high-quality products. Also, in terms of added value, it is smart to position sweet pointed peppers on the shelves right above the well-known blocky peppers. Additionally, in-store promotions will work extra well for this impulse-sensitive product.’

Sweet pointed pepper deserves a prominent role in marketing
‘Next only on the shelves, but the sweet pointed pepper also deserves a prominent role in marketing,’ Mark explains. ‘Think of exposure in magazines and on social media but also through giving the sweet pointed pepper a more prominent role in appealing recipes. As the sweet pointed pepper is – as the name already implies – much sweeter than the blocky pepper. Therefore, it not only tastes great in a wide range of recipes, but also uncooked and on its own, as a healthy snack.’

As they are very healthy indeed: one sweet pointed pepper contains the same amount of vitamin C as four oranges combined. As market leader, not only does Growers United guarantees high-quality sweet pointed peppers, but optimal freshness and an increased shelf life too. What is more, our peppers are sustainably produced by our growers, reducing the impact on the environment while increasing the well-being of employees and consumers.

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