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We want to minimise the impact our crops and the rest of our operations have on the environment. But it also means improving the health and wellbeing of our consumers and our staff. We do this by using as little energy and water on our crops as possible, finding new uses for all our waste streams, and looking after our staff well. So that millions of consumers can enjoy delicious, healthy and sustainably grown cucumbers every day, both now and in the future.

100% closed-loop water system

Tom Koot annually harvest about ten million Green Diamonds cucumbers at his company. He uses a 100% closed-loop water system to cultivate them, collecting the rainwater that falls on his greenhouses and barely using tap water at all. It was a sustainable and deliberate choice. ‘We give the plants 30% more water than necessary, to be sure that they get enough. We collect the residuel water, including the nutriens., then filter it with a cloth and UV filter to remove bacteria and viruses. Nutrients are preserved. we add extra nutrients to the filtered water before it’s reused. We look at how we can achieve the best possible results with as little input as possible,’ says Tom. Two of the conditions that business continuity requires.

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