continuing to invest in new cultivation techniques

With eight modern growing sites, Green Diamonds is the leading specialist in the top cucumber segment. As growers using the high-wire growing method, innovation is key to us, with the focus on achieving the shortest possible development period.

As a result, our cucumbers are ready for harvesting within an average of 15 days. Traditionally, this process takes an average of 22 days. This unique growing method therefore gains us an extra seven valuable days in which to get the cucumber to the consumer. The fewer days the cucumber needs to be ready to harvest, the longer its shelf life in the supply chain, ensuring the consumer finds the freshest possible product on the shelf.

We produce a perfect product by optimising the high-wire growing method, pioneering re-rooting and using natural crop protection products and biodynamic nutrition. Our product is the best of its kind.

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Green Diamonds is a Growers United brand. This organization is responsible for the sales and marketing of the product. Would you like to contribute to Growers United’s success together with a team? We are constantly looking for new talent that wants to grow with us.