passion for the product

Growers of Green Diamonds cucumbers are forward-looking specialists who are committed 100% to their product. Real professionals! They are a close-knit group of growers to which everyone brings their own expertise and experience. This keeps us on our toes!

Van der Linden Tuinbouw

  • 2,8 hectares

  • Oud-Bijerland

Van der Linden Prominent

  • 4,5 hectares

  • Kwintsheul

Gebr. Vollebregt

  • 5,2 hectares

  • Poeldijk

Van der Lans

  • 6,3 hectares

  • ‘s-Gravenzande

Red Harvest

  • 21 hectares

  • Middenmeer


  • 8 hectares

  • De Lier

Schenkeveld Zijtwende BV.

  • 4,9 hectares

  • De Lier

Green Light BV

  • 7,5 hectares

  • ‘s-Gravenzande

what we stand for

Would you like to contribute to Growers United’s success together with a team? We are constantly looking for new talent that wants to grow with us.